Whether it is a simple routine service or a major accident repair, we can do the job promptly and expertly. There’s no compromise for either the retailer or the customer. We’re passionate about making better products and we’re determined to offer better value.

Complete Truck & Trailer Repair

ICBC Claim Adjusted

Designated commercial vehicle inspection facility

Benefits of Servicing: Service by our fully trained qualified and experienced team of mechanics will increase the performance of the equipment. At the same time it will reduce costly downtime from breakdowns.No matter what the make or type of your trailer, Frontline can do it!

Trailer Services

  • Axle alignment
  • Axle replacement
  • Straightening and re-cambering of axles
  • Bearing replacement
  • Brake adjustment and relining
  • Wheel alignments
  • Shock absorber replacement

Servicing times depend on the particular job and the number of vehicles.